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Sept. 23&;Did you know you can fuel some cars with the gas you use to barbecue?
While you shouldn&;t hook up your own natural gas tank to your car, BMW, Chrysler, Honda and Hyundai have collaborated to create an array of six dual-fuel natural gas vehicles that can take both gasoline and natural gas.

Sept. 23&;State and Hyundai officials say an Alabama delegation&;s trip to Korea next month is about cultural exchange, not part of a reported competition between Alabama and Georgia over a new auto manufacturing plant.

Sept. 22&;There&;s more to the cost of a vehicle than the purchase price. 
In fact, buying one is just the start for drivers, who also can expect thousands of dollars a year in costs for fuel, insurance, depreciation, maintenance and financing. 

The trade group for California&;s new car dealers wants the state Department of Motor Vehicles to investigate Tesla Motors&; advertising practices, alleging that the upstart automaker is violating various state and federal laws in marketing its electric cars.

It was a mistake to leave a copy of the window sticker on the front seat of the loaded 2014 Kia Cadenza.
Three times during a week of testing, a passenger climbed in, saw the $41,900 price and blurted: &;That much for a Kia? ! &;
But it took only a short ride for the impressive Cadenza to make its case.

Sept. 19&;With any luck, the three-star 2014 Ford Fiesta ST performance subcompact will start a race. Not a street race. That would be wrong, as the Barenaked Ladies might admonish with utmost seriousness. I&;m hoping for a race among other automakers to develop their own fast and frolicsome subcompacts.

Sept. 20&;Mark Mey spent several minutes ticking off the benefits of his diesel Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Chief among them: superb fuel mileage.

Sept. 18&; last week released its annual list of Best Used Cars for 2013, a list of 17 cars across every segment based on &;the most important criteria: reliability, safety, value and availability.&;
Honda and Toyota are each represented four times on the list, and three of the vehicles are made by Ford.

Tough safety standards have made modern cars better able to protect occupants in a crash. But a new crash test rolled out by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has made it harder for automakers to win a top safety ranking. However, Honda, Subaru and Volvo did especially well in the new test.

Daimler officials admitted to killing off two planned Mercedes-Benz pickups on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show.
Planned to be on the market before the end of 2016, sources have admitted that Benz would have rebadged a full-sized pickup off the Nissan Titan and a midsizer off the next Nissan Frontier. Inspired by Volkswagen’s successes with its Amarok, Daimler negotiated with Nissan to use its truck architectures, complete with chassis, all-wheel-drive systems and suspension systems, though the latter would have received Mercedes-specific tuning.



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