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NAMYANGJU, South Korea (AP) &; Hyundai has revamped the luxury Genesis sedan for the first time since 2008, attempting to elevate its brand and grab a bigger share of U.S. car sales as competition from American and European automakers erodes Hyundai&;s dominance in its South Korean stronghold.

Nov. 26&;Southern California&;s love affair with the automobile continues unabated &; at least at the Los Angeles Auto Show, where thousands of car fanatics, shoppers and families are descending on the downtown L.A. Convention Center.

Uber began testing a financial program Monday that aims to reduce the car payments of its drivers through a partnership with auto manufacturers and banks.
The on-demand car company said it now has 100,000 drivers and &;millions&; of customers, with full-time drivers giving $100,000 worth of rides each year. But, it needs more cars.

If you thought Elon Musk’s Tesla produced some of the most innovative vehicles in the world, wait until you see the new hydrogen-powered cars that were unveiled at the Los Angeles and Tokyo auto shows this month. Not only do these hydrogen-powered vehicles boast the same sleek and futuristic styling of a Tesla, but they also have superior ranges and refueling times to those of battery-powered electric vehicles.

Nov. 22&;An investor group headed by Hong Kong tycoon Richard Li purchased the federal loan made to Karma plug-in hybrid sports car maker Fisker Automotive and acquired the assets of the nearly defunct automaker.
Fisker has voluntarily filed petitions to liquidate under the U.S. Bankruptcy code, and Li&;s Hybrid Technology has committed up to $8 million in financing to fund the sale and Chapter 11 process.

Nov. 21&;As the automotive test director for Consumer Reports, Jake Fisher drives hundreds of cars a year and is known as one of the toughest critics in the auto industry. The Times took a cruise with Fisher at the L.A. Auto Show on Thursday and asked what he thinks are the most important new cars to make their debuts at the show.
1: The Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup truck.

Nov. 21&;Coming off a sales season in which Hyundai strained against its production limits to fill dealer demand across North America, the automaker has poured $7 million into the plant that makes its two most popular vehicles.
A new automated system in Montgomery lends a hand to assembly workers who build Elantras and Sonatas here. The plant has broken its monthly production record three times so far this year.

LOS ANGELES _ The Honda Accord is the 2014 Green Car of the Year for its number of fuel-efficient versions.
The award was announced Thursday at the Los Angeles Auto Show, decided by a jury of industry people and celebrity Jay Leno.

Nov. 21&;Honda rode its 2014 Accord lineup all the way to the Green Car of the Year award on Thursday morning at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Nov. 20&;California has among the most pothole-riddled roads in the nation, and state voters may be asked to more than double the often controversial vehicle license fee to raise $3 billion a year to smooth out the commute.
A group called Transportation California, headed by former Caltrans director Will Kempton, and the California Alliance for Jobs will decide early next year whether to seek signatures to put the measure on the November 2014 ballot.



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