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Aug. 16&;How often do Milwaukee drivers let pedestrians in crosswalks go first, as state law says they should?
Not that often, according to some local pedestrian advocates, who say that cars and even county buses break the rules all the time with no consequences.

Luxury cars should be special.
You can give me a medal for stating the obvious, but that simple fact eludes some car companies that persist in slapping luxury price tags on cars that are really just pumped-up family sedans.

LOS ANGELES _ Bowing to criticism that its C-Max hybrid didn&;t get the fuel economy claimed on its window sticker, Ford Motor Co. has restated the compact car&;s mileage ratings and said it will issue special payments to people who own the vehicle.

Aug. 15&;Northeast Mississippi school districts are using money they recently received from Toyota to fund technology upgrades and literacy initiatives, among other uses.

You have to give Nissan credit — the carmaker isn&;t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to design. To wit: the Seussian-looking Cube and the Murano CrossCabriolet SUV convertible. The most recent addition to that mix is the Juke crossover, which was introduced as a 2011 model. We finally got our chance to try one with the new Juke Nismo.

The Honda Odyssey just keeps getting better year after year. Very family minded, the 2014 Honda Odyssey Lima, OH is fuel efficient, packed with safety features, and now offers a revolutionary new on-board vacuum.

Get ready for it: Soon your car will keep tabs on you and chat about you with other vehicles. As part of a Department of Transportation study, around 3,000 gossipy vehicles have been tooling around Ann Arbor, Michigan, sending out messages announcing where they are. The goal of the $25 million project, which just wrapped, is to evaluate systems that broadcast data packets called Basic Safety Messages.

Starting next summer, U.S. consumers will be able to search a giant database to find out if their cars or motorcycles have been recalled and if the vehicles have been fixed.
Only about 70 percent of recalled vehicles are taken to dealers for repairs, leaving thousands of cars on the road with potentially critical safety flaws. The database will let car owners search for free to see if they missed a recall notice, and used car shoppers will be able to see if all recall work has been done on cars they want to buy.

Government auto safety officials plan to announce a rule today that could improve car-shopping research, and boost the effectiveness of safety recalls.

China&;s top economic planner has asked an auto association to collect data on the price of foreign cars sold in the world&;s largest automobile market, in the latest inquiry into pricing of foreign products in the country.



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