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April 10&;FORD AND TOYOTA &; two of the biggest automakers in the world &; are in an ego contest over which car sells the most globally, the Focus or the Corolla.

April 10&;BLUE SPRINGS &;In the nearly 18 months Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi has been in production, the plant has been doing its part to meet continued strong demand for the Corolla.
Officials have long said annual production capacity at the plant is 150,000 vehicles, and TMMMS seems to be well on that pace.

April 10&;WASHINGTON &; President Barack Obama unveils a $3.8-trillion budget proposal today that includes a plan to raise more in tax revenue from wealthier Americans even though Republicans in Congress have already rejected the idea.

April 09&;A massive recall that was announced last week includes every model-year 2011 Hyundai Sonata that rolled out of the Montgomery manufacturing plant, about 200,000 cars.

April 07&;A Scranton School District education could soon mean taking core academic courses at home on a computer and attending school only for a chemistry lab or gym class.
As districts across Northeast Pennsylvania try to adapt to student learning styles and compete with cyber charter schools, Scranton is looking at education in a new way.

April 07&;Dan Ammann, a top executive with General Motors Co., believes the slimmed-down company is developing and building the best cars and trucks it has ever made.
But Mr. Ammann, GM&;s chief financial officer, also admits that for some buyers, that isn&;t enough.

April 06&;Parents aren&;t supposed to pick favorites, but it&;s clear Hyundai has a soft spot for its Santa Fe.

One of the first of the now-popular class of vehicles known as crossovers, the compact Honda CR-V deservedly has always been a star in its niche, even as the competition grew.
Introduced originally for 1997, the CR-V last year entered its fourth generation, with an all-new design that gave it a sleeker, less boxy exterior; a more refined interior; and some new technology to help it keep up with the tech-savvy buyers to whom the CR-V consistently appeals.

When Ferrari&;s biggest and baddest supercar is a hybrid, you know the world has changed.
Once considered the province of techies and the eco-friendly, hybrids are catching on in almost every vehicle segment.
Hybrid sales were up 32 percent in the first two months of this year compared with the same period last year, according to research firm Autodata Corp.

April 04&;WASHINGTON &; South Korean automakers Hyundai and Kia are recalling some 1.9 million vehicles, the vast majority to fix a faulty electrical switch that could increase the risk of a crash while braking.
The recalls were posted on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration&;s website.



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